Regional products

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Savour the local flavour

You can enjoy a whole day of delicious regional specialities and recognised regional products. Ask for a real Bilzen mikkeman (small spiced rolls in the shape of a person), a Biesenkoek (local version of the speculoos biscuit), or Heer van Biesen bread (a sourdough beer bread). Spread a generous amount of Sjroeëp van Spaân, a thick syrup of traditional fruit from Spouwen. Order Briëmmelevloj, the Bilzen variant of the Flemish knobbelkesvlaai (crumble flan). Wash it all down with the Bilzen aperitif based on liqueur wine or the fresh Biesonder apple juice made from the apples of Alden Biesen’s standard orchard.

Heer van Biesen (Beer)

This official Bilzen city beer won a silver medal at the World Beer Awards in 2015, and the Hoogstam variant even won gold at the same competition in 2019. The name refers to the last inhabitant of the Grand Commandery of Alden Biesen.

Jazz Bilzen Beer

Jazz Bilzen, the mother of Flemish festivals! Since 2018, a new beer has been released for each of the 17 editions (1965-1981) in honour of an act or artist. We will be introducing the newest addition, ‘de 66’ on 30 April. Roland Van Campenhout will take the stage again for the occasion.